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Jess Roy

“..i now feel equipped to help others in their fitness journey.”

“Fitness” is a relative term and it means something different to everyone. As a coach I strive to customize programs based on what fitness means to
you. Fitness could be losing fat, gaining muscle, increasing aerobic capacity, or having a healthier relationship with food. My spark for program
design and exercise science started early when I was 14 and I was keeping a journal of everything that I would eat and trying to make connections
between what I ate and my athletic performances and moods. Turns out, people have already done that research and thanks for Boise State University and my Internship with The Mecca Gym I feel now equipped to help others in their fitness journey.

“I came to Jess as a new mom.”

I was nervous, emotional, unhappy with my body, honestly clueless (I thought I at healthy!), but mostly I was determined to change!

From our first meeting I could tell that she was going to be there for me and that she had the experience and knowledge that I desperately needed. She taught me proper form which completely changed my workouts, I began seeing definition and feeling stronger not only physical but also mentally! We got my diet dialed in which was a real game changer and completely boosted my energy levels! Jess helped me to realize that you aren’t always going to feel motivated but time is going to continue to pass and you can either look back and see all the should’ves and would’ves or you can feel proud of how far you’ve come all that you’ve accomplished. I’m blessed to have found her! Operation hot mom bod success! PS- Jess answers every text/ call and is always rooting her clients on!

-Liberty K.

“Besides being one of my best friends, Jess is by far an amazing coach as well. “

I started with Jess about a year ago with a moderate understanding of proper exercise and nutrition. Now I can say I feel incredibly comfortable with macro adjusting and how to correctly workout. Besides the knowledge she has provided me with, I’ve also been able to build my self esteem an incredible amount by trusting Jess’s decisions and doing my part and sticking to my plan.

-Adam S.