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Maria Wert

Maria Wert

Education: BS Exercise Science focus in Kinesiology.

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), NASM CPT

Training Philosophy: “Although she played sports her whole life, Maria went through high school weighing 210#. Knowing that she would never fit the “ideal mold” for most teenage girls, she put her efforts into learning how to be strong and began dabbling in powerlifting. Focusing on what her body could do, instead of what it couldn’t, she was able to not only set three USAPL raw records, but also lose 40# as a result of both physical and mental growth and adaptations. Hungry for more knowledge on the human body, she decided to go to BSU to get her degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science. Maria began training people throughout her college career after getting her personal training certification; aiming to help them feel that same pride, dedication, and relentlessness that she had found. When she graduated, she became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and oh yes, a national level bodybuilder! These accomplishments helped her launch and grow her own company, MYfitness, where science meets application and overall health is the primary focus. Leading by example, Maria teaches her clients how to execute movements properly while feeling confident in the gym, develop a healthy relationship with food, and reach all of their fitness goals the right way. Through schooling, experience, and the successes of her incredible clients, Maria has over 9 years of coaching under her belt and knows just what it takes to make your health goals a lifestyle, not a fad.”

Specializes In: General Lifestyle & Wellness, Fat Loss, Body Recomposition


“I would recommend MYfitness to anyone that is feeling like they are at a standstill in their physical physique – whether it be someone who works out frequently or someone who hasn’t worked out in years. For one, I found myself eating double what I used to, but becoming more and more lean because of it. Maria will push you enough to make drastic changes, but she is very reasonable and understanding. My body began to shrink (jeans that hadn’t fit in 2 years were LOOSE!!). I lost a couple inches in areas that were really difficult for me (arms and thighs) and can honestly say this is the leanest and most toned I have ever been. I’ve received so many compliments and questions as to what I had been doing, and I give all the credit to Maria’s program. She tweaked my program specifically in the gym so that I was able to keep my curves (& booty 😉 ) ! This was one of the best decisions I have ever made as far as my health and fitness goes. Thanks, Maria!”
– Maria Gonzalez


“I’ve been a client of Maria’s for over 3 years. The structure of her programs and her amazing amount of knowledge made it easy for me to get motivated and finally achieve the goals I had been striving for. Not to say that it has been a walk in the park. I had to put in the hard work in the gym and tracking my macros, but Maria was there to help guide and encourage me. Maria’s program helps develop habits that make fitness and health a lifestyle and not just a short-term “diet.” I have gained so much confidence since training with Maria! I’m amazed at how quickly my body changed and am excited to continue to build my strength and see what my body can do! I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about their body and what works for them, and finally achieve their goals!!”
– Karissa Robinson


“Well, where to start? I could write for hours, but I will try and keep it short….. even though Maria knows me for my novels on my check-ins.
I know it sounds cliche, but Maria has changed my life. I went from being a college athlete to someone who felt so lost in their fitness journey. After college sports, I was eating around 1,000 calories per day and doing two-a-days in the gym, killing myself. Not only was I not seeing the physical results I wanted to, I was in a horrible place. I would “work so hard” during the week and then go crazy on the weekends and it was a vicious cycle for me. I was so unhappy physically, mentally and emotionally. I was at a breaking point and then I got introduced to Maria. I was basically at rock bottom when I first spoke to Maria about possibly starting to train with her. I jumped in full force and despite my trust issues, gave Maria my full trust. She told me to trust the process, so I trusted the process. The first few weeks were tough, but I just kept on going. Not only was Maria coaching me through my workouts and macros, she was helping me love myself again, despite physical changes. I started to see a good amount of progress after a month and that made me hungry for more. You may think I was just talking about physical changes, but I was also seeing mental and emotional changes as well. Note that these changes were while I was lifting only 4 times per week and eating almost double what I was before.
Fast forward to training with Maria for over one year. Maria is not only my coach, but she is a very close friend. I had the opportunity to meet Maria in person after almost a year of training with her and it felt like I already had met her many, many times before. She knows more about me than a lot of my friends do. She cares about all aspects of my life, not just about how much I am lifting, eating or weighing. I have never felt so strong in my life. Mentally strong. Emotionally strong. Physically strong. I love myself again and that has been quite the process to get there, but I would have never gotten here without Maria’s love, knowledge, humor, wisdom, guidance, support, feedback and friendship.
Training with Maria has and will always be the best investment I could give myself.”
– Jessalyn Reich


“Where do I start?! I have been so AMAZED by Maria and her performance as a fitness/nutritional leader. I have not been ready to let her stop being my coach. I have changed so much in the eight months since I have started with Maria, I get comments on a weekly basis of how much weight I have lost. I realize it is my hard work and determination that helps with my changes, but I truly believe it is the program that Maria has personalized for me, that has made my body composition change so drastically. Anyone can workout everyday and eat food, but without balance and the right workout program, it was hard to get the desire results I wanted. I ran 12 weeks straight in 2017, eating semi- healthy, took progress pictures, I lost 3 pounds. I went from 165 lbs to 162 lbs. Then a year later I found MYfitness through a friend. On Maria’s program I have lost over 20 lbs and maintained it by using her fitness program. I have had ups and downs, because we all know life gets busy. I am married, have three children, two business’s, and I am the treasurer of my church. I KNOW what busy is! The pictures can speak for themselves. I can’t wait to see what a full year on this program will do for my body composition!”
– Katie Nix


“First, she understands what your goals are and is realistic with you 100% of the time. This helped me to understand that changes in my body take hard work, patience, and trust in Maria. I do both workouts and nutrition with Maria with the goal in mind to just be healthy and WOW, the results I’ve experienced mentally and witnessed physically are amazing.
Second, she understands that my body is MY body and not another client’s. She tailors each detail of the progressions to my needs and body type. I have a gym at my apartment and sent her pictures of all the equipment and she’s designed my workouts with what’s available to me since I didn’t want to get a gym membership.
Third, she understands that we are all human! Being honest with Maria has only benefited me during my journey with MYfitness. Some weeks are so easy to get through while others I need that extra pep talk or piece of advice on how to get through each day and workout.
Gone are the days that I feel guilty for eating food or not working out 7 days a week. Since I’ve been with Maria, I have become much more kind to myself and body and that’s HUGE. Thank you, Maria!! (P.S. You know you’re with a great trainer when they share the same love for pizza and donuts as you!)”
– Mikayla Becker


“I’m in my second round of training with Maria. She is such a fun, motivating, no nonsense woman!! She will push you hard while helping you build your confidence in yourself. Maria will let you know when you need to step up your game without tearing you down. Her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and how every part of The body works Is amazing, and reassuring. While training with Maria, I have grown leaps and bounds in my physical strength, knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and proprioception just to name a few things. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a coach to seek out Maria!! She really cares about the people she works with and progresses each person according to their personal fitness/health level and personal goals. She does not go by a one size fits all mentality.”
– Molly Godfrey


“I did a 14 week program of training and nutrition with Maria. I can honestly say that this program is no joke. If you stay with it, I promise you will see gains/changes. No matter how hard things may get, stick with it! With all new endeavors, you will experience great joy and hardships, but in the end everything is totally worth it. I say this because you are able to gain incredible knowledge about the gym, the kitchen, and yourself for life because of what Maria has taught you. You can take all the information she tells you through emails/videos and apply it even after the program stops. I learned so much about myself; thoughts, actions, emotions all played roles while doing this program. My mental blocks slowly disappeared Maria’s constant positive reinforcement, her consistency, and her amazing way of critiquing/perfecting form. I highly suggest Maria’s program to anyone who wants to lose fat, get lean, build muscle, build endurance, build strength, build a strong mind, build discipline, and/or build an overall sense of accomplishment. Maria, thank you for everything you have done for me. I can promise you that I will be getting another individualized program AGAIN in the near future. This has become a lifestyle for me.”
– James Grimsrud

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