Atlas Movement Workshop


Atlas Movement Workshop

The Atlas Method 
An Introduction to Steve Atlas’ training philosophy with emphasis to his Flexistrength method of training.  The balances and bodyweight movements will all be explored in a carefully scaled way of practical execution (all healthy bodies can practice this method). It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious bodybuilder, a strength athlete, a coach, a housewife etc,.  Those that attend can expect to enhance the following:
*Balance, on feet and on hands -Making for stronger stabilization
*Joint health -Creating the ‘bulletproofing effect.’
*Flexistrength (flexibility, strength, mobility, tissue attachment fortification) -Creating passive, isometric and dynamic strength)
*Kinesthetic awareness
*Quality of movement
*Diversity in athleticism
*Philosophy, that Mind, body and spirit equals balance
*In short, those that attend will be better movers than how they arrived.
New Elements included in this workshop include;
*Band Bends/Bridging
*Inverted Thoracic Extension
*Sliding Floor Templates
*Primary Series of the Atlas Movement: 1-10
Schedule – June 5th
*Exact times are subject to change as overall flow and energy will  dictate the pace of the class
9am-9:15am Meet and Greet
9:15am  Introduction of the teacher and the class: layout, program and approach.
9:30am Priming sequences -mobilizing and warming the tissues of the body
9:45am-11:15am Flexistrength training and the five circuits
12pm-12:15pm gather back at the Mecca
12:15pm-1:45pm Primary Series Introduction
1:45pm-Short break
2pm-3pm Wrap up: Program Design, Question and Answers


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