As a sophomore in high school, I started to exercise and train in order to help with my performance in athletics. I decided to take it a step further and pursue my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Health at the University of Idaho where I learned a lot of the science of exercise through my classes and also applied a lot of what I had learned to my training and programming during school.

After college, I then worked at Washington State University as a strength and conditioning coach for a number of the Olympic sports teams in Pullman, and ended up coaching a number of great athletes who would go on to even higher levels of athletics, including the Olympics.  Along with my experience in collegiate athletics, I have been training a number of people and been participating in bodybuilding, powerlifting, as well as Olympic weightlifting.

I invite you to train with me and allow me to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Hi! I’m Dani. I’m a health and nutrition enthusiast with a passion for working with people of all types to achieve incredible results. In the past I’ve worked with people of all ages. From those aspiring to lose weight to those overcoming health obstacles. I know that with the right personal exercise and nutrition plan along with desire, guidance and consistency there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. It’s my mission to guide and motivate you to conquer what ever goal you set for yourself.

There’s never a wrong time to make your life better.


Growing up, I loved to play sports and challenge the limits of my body. This lead to many awards and D-1 recruitment to play football. Today I still enjoy finding ways to make myself stronger and faster. As an exercise physiologist, I can scientifically help people achieve their goals. I specialize in weight loss and sport specific training that will put you a step ahead of the competition.

Extensive amounts of research within a laboratory and in the gym ensure that I can guide you down the healthiest road possible.